A Day In the Life

 A Day In the Life

Night words floated out of reach ‘till almost
dawn …

Then, morning, noon and night passed by,
my wings still clipped;

(far too many extraneous thoughts
lurking in my peripheral vision

kept me from taking
flight …)

I knew i’d get
my inspiration back

i just knew it … !

Next morning I returned to work confident/not expecting the pain of
thought rejection

I worked on what little I’d started the
night before but

All I did was massacre the words …

Take life out of the thoughts …

Resigned to being a dullard I thought,

“Why not do something useful in the real world
for a change?”

What resulted is the story of a day in my ‘real world’
that day I decided to do something ‘useful’.

I looked around for something to do then  …

Part I

“Ahaa!,” I thought, “I’ll work on the tub!”

I began visualizing my moves; writing problems down, making a materials list. It felt good that to be taking the time to plan the job since I thought of problems that wouldn’t have occurred to me if I’d have jumped in there head first!

As I was leaving the bathroom, I realized I hadn’t eaten.

That’s when I got sick to my stomach.

So I made a peanut butter and jelly sandwich on toast …  threw down my meds, drank a cup of coffee, while bouncing around listening to Kincade or Underworld, wondering what i was going to do next, when I happened to pass by the laundry room where I saw a pair of jeans that needed to be thrown into the dryer …

continued …

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