The Eternal Mystery: 10/01/15

The Eternal Mystery: 10/01/15

Great Lake pounds the shoreline with fury.
More power than i’ve witnessed before.

Extraordinary the only word
to describe it.

The rushing sound of
an infinite number of wavelets

one continual line of white caps
breaking parallel to the shore ,
a mile in each direction

Mirrored offshore

a broken surge
crackles with fluid electricity
along the curvature of the
earth …

Waves reach their peak
6 – 7 – 8 feet tall
begin their descent,
fingers reaching
downward into
the swale below,
drawn up and over
by their own weight

wide and round and fat
they break along their curvature
wrapped around air
trapped inside the curl
streaks of gray and white and
filligries of sandy green

streaks of color
rolling forward downward
white form coursing the front
passion spent
collapsed onto the sand

flowing through
the sieve of past conversions
the clock of time
along the hour glass shoreline

each grain a tiny piece
of what was once a mighty
seed … the earths crust at

the time of the


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