Lucinda Singing

Lucinda Singing

(I know that’s Bonnie Rait sp.)


These women singers and their words!
I’m touched by their heartbreak.

Their emotions run deep and purple;
deeper than the bluesmen

who sound sad about lost love
but aggressive in contrast …

Their sincerity comes
from a deeper more personal space;

A darker spot within their hearts;
emotions akin to the loss of a child.

Deep sadness confined within
a shattered crystal vessel full of dull grey smoke.

Smoke that leaks through cracks of glass,
twists its way through the heart of the singer

into the heart of the

Their songs are heart wrenching and melancholy,
beautiful with passion and sadness;

tales of lost love taken,
once shared …

meant for other women
who understand the pain …

while men can only stare
through smoke filled glass and


Their music was a revelation to me.

A look into another world
of deepest pain.

My vision twice distorted though,

first by smoked filled crystal glass
then, through tears of
sorrow …

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