Let Your Wild Horses Run Free!

Let Your Wild Horses Run Free

i lived my life contentedly/
in the shade of the fruited tree/

a world i visited every day/
where i shared my words quite comfortably/

before the apple fell from that tree/
scattering its seeds

within the room of my despair.

 (those scattered seeds still alive after all,
the apple doesn’t fall that far from the tree as the wise ones
say but they’re so hard to find once they’ve fallen.)

i waited anxiously/
nine long days (three still yet to come!)/for the ‘big fix’

away from the world i knew so well/
feeling lonely, gone, growing more so every day/

forgotten within myself /
by those few who come to visit/

who give their sweet treasure
from hearts and souls and minds/

the great satisfaction i receive
in that world

now gone but not forgotten.

Thirsty, not contented to play
the loser’s game/

seeking ways to share
my thoughts and words/

the Grey Palomino came
quite unexpectedly one day

(that old sage of 60 and 2)

a gift that was given … !

it’s long legs, sinewy,
body grey and beautiful/

gold upon its crown
running smooth with

black wings!!

(can you imagine … black wings!)

fast, cool and sleek,
seething with words from masters lips/

who lived so long ago/
and spoke of them so fondly;

those who held its reins/
from ages past/

who rode it effortlessly/
faster even than apples falling from the tree!

Words at breakneck speed
come galloping/

accolades of greatness and glory/
above the others!

grafite words of artist intention/
i discovered upon the page/

smoothly fleeting horses wings
along hard copy’s lines/

artfully drawn down the page/
another portal through which

to see/the world more casually.

a loaner from the apple’s core/
a thoroughbred palomino exchanged for

jet black jag!

the search for apple’s seeds/
still locked up somewhere unfound/

the search I’m told
had barely begun.

If memory suits you well/
if good friends you’ll see eventually

sits comfortably within/
take a break from apple seeds …

take a chance!
find out what it’s like/

to ride the Gray Palomino
for a change .,..

and let your wild horses
run free … !

don’t wanna take the mystery away.  readers seem to enjoy this poem even though they may not know what it’s about or could even conjure.  but i’ll tell you if you want to know in case you’re wondering.

the apple is my computer and it’s seeds were scattered because it was broken.  I schlepped it to the Apple Store north of Sarasota, waited in line, checked it in and waited and waited.

Nine days went by.  i typed on my kindle.  But it was painfully slow work.

then, someone gave me a the black, Blackwing Palamino pencil which came into the world world 62 years ago touted as the fastest pencil made.

you should see it!  jet black with gold lettering and a gold cap pinching  the erasure into an elongated oval.

F. scott fitzgerald wrote about using the Palanmino pencil.  He gave it praise with his own written words as did many other famous writers.

I still love and am faithful to my V7 Pilot pen or the G2-10 but THIS!

i hadn’t written with a pencil in a long time and never really thought i would again.  but THIS! this was wonderful.  The Palamino  had the perfect hardness and it had its history and it had the name … Blackwing … Palamimo!

Maybe I’d channel Stephen Vincent Benet with my Black Wing pencil,  I thought.  Was it possible even if he didn’t use the famous Black Wing Palamino with its storied past that I could channel him, my favorite poet?

so there I was.  i had a loaner, a black jag … fast and sleek … that the gods before me had used and a ‘new old’ world had been opened.

writing became like drawing … drawing words on

the page, words of light from

another place of

wonder.  So …

… take a chance!
find out what it’s like/

to ride the black Palomino
for a change .,..

and let your wild horses
run free … !

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