Chimps to the Left … Third Graders to the Right …. and make it snappy!


jeeze, if words were limited to bare essential words .. bare essential thought .. (like some people want it to be) …. only allowing certain combinations of simpleness to be used … there’d be no use for words … or thought … !!

it’d be like living in 1986 … !

words wouldn’t be words anymore … !!

we’d all be rearranging simple puzzles for everyone to see .. already knowing what they’re meant to be ..

listen … if plentitudes of words … millions and trillions of combinations and thought configurationsm would not be ALLOWED then

silent we would be … we wouldn’t even be allowed to THMINK ..! Like … if shakedspeare and e.e. cummings or me were

equal, where would struggle be?

if the talk we talk does not aim for specificity AND be allowed to meander aimlessly with creative genius … then … what about the future?

what fun would language be fer cryin’ out loud!?

we’d be living inside a vacuum jar of pleureslly complattery … unable to blend the stars at night with ANY kind of pre cognitive

sociality expectorations of orgiastic thought … jeeze … what a fricking waste of time and energy … !

we wouldn’t understand snit!

we couldn’t be at odds with leanings to the right .. we’d BE the right and the right’s ALREADY at odds to lerning … !

we’d ALL be simpletons like they do !!

we’d be so screwed we couldn’t figure out how to put together a Smokey Joe … much less open a bag of briquettes … !!

what WOULD we do during the Super Bowl … ? there wouldn’t even BE a Super Bowl ..

it’d be the ‘Supper Bowl’ … a simpler concept to understand … a national holiday with everyone eating chicken noodle soup!

No … the secret world of reality does not reveal itself with simplicity of thought … ideas against the law…

each pixel of light determines what it is … with words located for each little ‘pix’ …

we HAVE to have them … the future of the planet depends on them … ! i say to people who want to censure word and thought … mind your own

friskiness .,.. !!!

so c’mon fellow scribblers ad finitum … chumps and the like … get published … it’s more than i can say for me … !

if you want to keep it simple be a chimp … or better yet …

visit the average third grade classroom … you’ll be surprised at the genius you’ll see … !


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