An old man remembers a dream he had as a boy.

One day he thought back through time and

A dream about a fine and beautiful place.

fragments of a beautiful stained glass

upon contemplating the memory, the man realizes,

window of untold beauty began to

that for fifty years he has

slowly reassemble itself

searched for the place of his dream.

piece by piece until the

he was never sure the place existed.

window became

Now he sees its golden glow on the

whole once again

near horizon and he is

and the structure and the

walking toward the glow and he

meaning captured within the

yearns to be there/But a forest with a beast/lies between the man

reassembled window became

and the golden place. He wonders if he should

clear and its meaning formed a

go through the forest

magnificent and

or postpone finding the place he has dreamed of

great, intricate, light filled

all his life.

complex thought.