Knowing That We Knew It All Along!

20160713_083016 (1)

it slowly started appearing for a long time

but I didn’t realize it until it appeared all the time

then I thought back and realized that it HAD been appearing …

and i knew it had been appearing

even when it slowly started appearing a long time ago

when I didn’t realize it!
way back when it first started happening

i didn’t realize it at all!

but i KNEW it all the time …

And now it’s here all the time!

I thought back to
when I didn’t realize it

when it slowly started happening
and now, realizing it was happening …

knowing now it happens all the time
i now know i knew it all along!

how funny!

i knew it was appearing!

i knew it was happening!

but i didn’t know it at the time

i KNEW IT ALL ALONG!!!  Ha Ha Ha ……

after all that time!!

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