Two nights ago I woke suddenly from sleep and caught a glimpse of someone in a black and yellow flannel shirt running down the hallway outside the bedroom.

I was so startled that I woke Jodi telling her excitedly, what I saw.

She naturally told me I was dreaming but I was convinced someone was out there.  I thought maybe it could be Matt or even Jordan since Jordan was spending the night.

I got out of bed to make further inspection.

I turned on a living room light.

I heard Jodi telling me from the bedroom, that I was dreaming.

I looked around and having seen no one felt slightly foolish. I returned to bed telling Jodi how perplexed I was; how sure I was that I had seen someone.

Within minutes I fell back asleep.

The next evening we watched the Stephen King movie, “The Stand” until past 11:00 p.m. Then we read until past eleven thirty. When we finally turned the lights off, I lay on my right side with my eyes open looking out the bedroom door into the hallway.

The door was open exactly the way it had been the night before.

The dream I thought I had suddenly appeared within my mind and I recalled the whole sequence of events most realistically.

I replayed the dream several times in my mind each time looking at it critically.  Was it real?  Or, my imagination?

Suddenly I concluded that the figure running down the hall WAS real!

I realized this because upon inspection last night I had only looked in the living room from the limited perspective at the end of the hallway where I had turned on a living room light.

I reasoned that the evidence to support a phantom dream intruder was not strong enough.

Had I ventured into the dining room then inspected the kitchen and the laundry room and found nothing, I would have had every reason to conclude a non-existent intruder.

But I had done none of those things.

My further conclusion was that my body had perceived danger and had reasoned it best to leave further exploration alone.

Fear washed over me as this sequence of thoughts ticked off.  I became very agitated. My heart was beating and my head throbbed.  I continued to feel in imminent danger.

I got out of bed and crept into the living room. By now it was after midnight. I was wide awake.

I stood in the living room with the lights off trying to make myself invisible looking for movement outdoors. I moved to the sliding glass doors on the north end of the living room peering through the slats for perhaps ten minutes, waiting to see some spectral figure creep across the back yard.

Then I checked all the doors and windows and discovered that the latch on one of the sliding glass doors was faulty.

I went into Matt’s room and fetched a golf club which I laid in the aluminum track hoping this would keep the door from opening.

I was scared and I felt foolish for surely if there was an intruder he was by now perfectly aware of my clumsy attempts to secure my house. He was probably back in the weeds laughing at me.

After securing the door I retired to the couch where in an attempt to find some comfort I grabbed the first book I laid eyes on. I ended up reading several stories from the Apocrapha.

I finally drifted into sleep around 4:30 a.m.

My sleep was characterized by sharp, vivid dreams.

I was on some quest and was being faced with multitudes of challenges. The family was there for part of it.

At one point I had to go into a cave to fetch some round stone like object that was suspended inside of an indentation in the ceiling of the cave.

John was eager to help as he always is but I barked a command at him to stay away from the danger. There were holes inside the cave that he could have slipped into.

The round object was heavy but I prevailed.  Once the round object was retrieved we were able to pass over a small creek that earlier we could not cross.

We succeeded in meeting that challenge.

Continuing along I discovered I had a partner. There was just the two of us. A lithsome girl like figure with great energy and courage. There was a strong bond between us. She needed me and I felt a deep strong need and trust for “her” with a great deal of sexual attraction.

She was undressing and was turned sideways to me. I was transfixed by her girlish breasts as her arms were raised above her head in the most appealing way.

I awoke from sleep the next morning seeing a dark gray sky.

But I didn’t feel confused and muddled as I often do when sleep aludes me. I knew it was because I had ventured deep into my subconscious mind close to a place where energy and awarness emanate.  When this happens a very special clarity of thought results.  This doesn’t happen often.  I never know when it will occur.

I had great clarity of thought that day seeing things ‘below the surface’ with a sense of heightened awareness; brighter colors, making interesting connections.

While waiting to cross Gibralter Street two blocks from where I live a car unexpectedly swerved toward me, then passed directly in front of me coming quite close, as it turned onto Birchcrest Street and continued along, away from where I stood.

I was taken aback by the car’s sudden movement and close proximity.  I wondered if the driver was aware I was standing at the corner waiting to cross.

As the car curved across my field of vision I looked into the pale blue eyes of the driver; a blond haired man of perhaps 27 years.  His chin resting on the window slot gave the impression that his head did not have a body attached to it; a severed head floating inside the car!

It peered at me through the top of its pale gray eyes predatory like.  I felt threatened but refused to look away.

The pale blue eyes had the same pained, scared, guilty look of a criminal on the verge of getting caught. The eyes were frighteningly cold, and expressionless but for the slightest smirk; a look that filled me with a kind of dread I can only describe as sub human rage.

I made a mental note of the license plate; E77-1849 South Carolina and continued watching as the car drove away.

At the end of the first block the car slowed. I took notice and began walking toward the car.

I continued walking toward the car as it slowly drove along the second block.

Toward the end of the second block the left turn blinker began to flash.

“I knew it!” I exclaimed!

I began sprinting across the empty lot toward the street that separated me from the second empty lot that separated me from my house at the middle of the block completely focused on the car with the floating head as it slowly moved toward my house coming  to rest  at the end of the driveway.

Halfway across the second empty lot my heightened sense of awareness told me that … the car was empty.

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