Alabaster Sea


What’s it like to live on different planes between
light and darkness un-seen
no seasons in between?

Where …

Trump card mocks justice never seen
the vicar of all dis-belief
the blind of those deceived by wicked sights
convinced of reason from the sparking light of darkest days

Seen wandering through streets on darkest


giving thoughts to those who cannot see
the dried bones of their inequity
once again believing
the hungry greedy voice singing
spectral noise from
deceitful inner visions given
convincing with false voice screaming …

Beware of evil everywhere! Be fearful for your lives !!

The half life sound of the high priest deceiving;

communion wafers given then taken then disappearing
beneath a sea of squandered
trust …

He calls with reasons yelling!

Whereupon those conniving fools he uses
tell us with convincing pallor
it’s only size that matters!

The biggest size, the biggest prize
think BIG (the true meaning behind their words) but .. think
naught … !

See their eyes brightly lit but,

indecipherable … ?

Hear the canon of their vain principles … ?

Watch them steal
the last gallon of light that’s given, the love of life
they say they’re giving
a lie they’ve told so many times
they think it truthful; a
distraction from the last infamy those
recent memories still living behind the fog of
not so long all but …

forgotten …

While …

Powerful forces once again
wage war within the senses
the army of feigned superiority
defending ugly truths he’s spoken
with cunning exploit of our differences
our lives of inner freedom sold
the same lies once again told
behind another fog of distant
memory once again …

forgotten …

There are no tomorrows
there’s only life between
the not so distant past and

another ending …

See the hamster and the snake, hear the cock’s call to arms;

Behold other nations deadly games, their confidential schemes
the thrill of every kill you’ll never see them feel
behind deceit that reasoning can’t defend  …

His loving hand of mercy given? An ugly play of words
should not be taken 
lightly … if

at all!

Do the followers  think they know what is?

With naive thought they give their answers blindly …


the weight;
the wait;
too late;
the knot;
the naught of thought;
the heavy burden likely;
their schemes and murderous plots;
the light and darkness of our dreams
the theft of light between;
our lives that can be sold and bought
still live behind the darkest fog of all …

another deadly day of infamy …

Published by midcenturyman

Mid century vintage man/dad, degreed, experienced, musician, music lover, photographer, writer.

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