He hasn’t uttered a single word
of truth since I’ve
heard him start talking …

Not one word used in sentence that he has
shouted at us!

Yet ….

He has convinced a lot of people that he IS

speaking truth … BY THE TONE OF HIS VOICE …

Little people like the tone because it makes them feel

BIG … BIG … BIGGER ! while

Bigger people like it because it means there’s gonna be some
shit kickin’ going’ on …

(Fuckin’ A we’re great!)

His minions are coming from everywhere to worship their
commander in chief …

THEY are at his beckon command … they need what they need from him.  He gives them license …

At the same time
Mothers and Children are going to

Washington D.C. to march for the
continuing civilization of our culture … the world!

women who bear our children .. it’s the
WOMEN who are willing to stand up to be


these women KNOW .. as all women know …

what is good and what is bad.

 Maybe it’s time for the forces to meet after

all this time … centuries perhaps if
you look at it that way ..

Those women in Washington D.C.  They are

our warriors .

They have my highest respect …

They stand for Life … all of our lives …. !

THEY are standing up for US …

I wish those women well …

I wish us ALL well … !

Maybe this will help …

think of them all … even the daughters … as going up against

the forces of

Hell …