Channeled Thought


I channel my work by
sublime hide and seek/black and white or color
images, sparking in the dark,
the deep, the green of a different reality,
below the surface of reason,
one of those parallel things,
another person who is the ‘’me’’
behind the veils, a shadow

evident/at times.

I wonder if I appear as such to him
with wonder and concern or perplexity
my wonder, my complexity perplexed
by wonder; my thoughts sublimely formed with
all the numbers clustered ‘bout
swarming and changing polarities
within and without/an intricate duality
linked to some
energy force that consumes us

eventually …

lucky we are
that life is but a mirage
all numbers adding up for everything we see/everything described with such

finality … !

With four dimensions, three that we can see .. one more,
that we seek, from worlds of dark

reality …

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