We are at war. We just don’t know it.

As time goes on, the clash between both sides of what is being called ‘the great divide’ will deepen causing great turmoil.

Chaos will emerge after an event or series of horrifying events occur. The internet could crash. Schools may be attacked.

Lies will be told, false news stories will appear suggesting co-conspiracies.

Ethnic groups, illegals, the liberal press, intellectual elites, Democrats, people who voted for Hillary will be blamed. The divide will widen.

Ethnic groups will be the definitive scapegoat.  Forms of ethnic cleansing will result.

The president will declare a ‘national emergency’.

Since there are no checks and balances or limits to the power of a president during a ‘national emergency’ the president will assume dictatorial power and the overthrow of the government will be complete.

Congress will be powerless to act. The president is the commander and chief of armed forces.  His hand picked generals will occupy key positions of power.

Expect marshal law in low income areas of cities, a form of marshal law in towns and smaller cities where he has tremendous support.

Pathologically power driven people are NEVER satisfied as long as there is more power that can be taken.

After decades amassing power, building a worldwide network of finances, partnership with the richest most powerful people on the planet, ownership of huge assets in countries around the world, key personnel in positions of authority, the military and a nuclear arsenal at his command … what’s next?

We ARE at war. But, the battles have just begun.


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