The Light Within

I fixate on time constantly
when i hear or see the wail of a diesels horn
or smell fresh mown grass
or look out at the lake i hear the sound
and i’m transported to the stored light of another time
each magnifying the other more deeply every time.

We build our lives on the memories
of the life we live and the lives we live
are built on the the moments we have lived.

We live within the
memories of all there is … and all that came
before … we are the instant and the infinite past and
everything between the vast
vista of ever returning light.


My thought incentive is to
stretch time, to live within the moment
or as someone said of Love one time;

‘’Within the within within.’’

The world revolving then revolving within the
revolving … deeper into movement into the
allusion of stasis between where
more awareness lies waiting for me to see
into the worls and sworls of the wood within the wood
i’m working with, between the spaces of the
fingers on my hand the swirls of my finger pads and
deeper still between the tiny beads of
salty brine into the plasma of the deep
inside, the sea within the
space between the blades of grass
where the fluoride and chlorophyl lies not so hidden
where tiny moisture droplets flood the subtle link between.

It’s all memory based from the
DNA twisting its way into our being
the mechanics of our lungs, the molecules of our
wakening selves … how could we breathe without
the breath that came before and before that?

Each breath
remembers the heart beat remembers the air within.

It’s all memory.

The planets revolving and
what’s beneath remembering what it
knows each experience
resting upon the next.

A kaleidoscope of colors turning
patterns and forms of light
creating new patterns and forms
from what came before connected
bleeding outward curling back to know
each moment of light filled memory.

The homes we live in
filled with memory of angles and
fittings and support from the dawn of creation
cave man’s fire the furnace and the stove memories from the dawn of time.

Look at it! look at your
stove! it’s a memory of the first
fire given to and to and to and
round and around blocks building no different than
walls or bridges or the spiral helix passed
memories linking us all.

We are immersed in memory, our lives emit memory from
light that surrounds us.


Pulls the memory from all things.


Is the road that memory drives on spilling outward
like a ripe orange.


Without light
existence loses its memory and
without memory
all is
all ..

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  1. Zahara

    Nice work here friend, lot of wisdom in it… I ll read many more times to get the wisdom embedded

    Thank you very much.


    1. midcenturyman

      don’t read it too many times, you might discover there IS no wisdom. thank YOU my friend.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Zahara

    Also, I too write poems, please do check if you get the time


    1. midcenturyman

      I will be there Zahara … looking forward …. ks


  3. Zahara

    Dear friend,
    I too write poems,please do check when you get the time.


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