2016-06-18 17.19.03
Final View Morning Sunrise the Last Day

We give our lives a value, each individual core, we need to know our value.  Are we rich or poor?

The numbers always lie we think/they always add up wrong/unknowns we never see/the tools we use to navigate/the golden path/a figure eight flowing endlessly.

But time is of the essence!

We only live so long.

The more less time we spend thinking about more time, the less more time there is to live within it … the less there is to see.

We convince ourselves with halos worn/great truths will come our way.

Our calculations true.  “There’s no other way” the voices say, “find peace, tell others be conversant, know that love will come your way, you’ll lose the pain, with the universe act with reverence, show respect  feign knowledge, and IT will find YOU.

Tears of gratitude and kindness keep us from our lies,

 In our  perfect blindness with nothing else to do … we do nothing/our only thought ….. what to do …