Songs of life gone by

emerge to present form from

fallow fields of time.

Forgotten fragments born of
rolling marble colors brightly seen;

Once familiar faces, stored emotions
wash over with unexpected

Perplexed we ask;

How could dreams of such remembered splendor
pass by unseen?

Love’s first kiss with warm compelling force,
passion born anew,
the scent of lover’s neck recalled,
the lust we felt from first kiss taken.

Thoughts that come to mind
with sad regret … when playful eye’s appeal
was given then
stolen from sight
when random sound came
crashing by.

The seed that
had it been planted,
could have yielded life’s sweetest

Precious moments remembered
with sad regret are like
specks of golden pollen
drifting clear against a blue sky or
points of light seen wandering
among stars in the
darkest hours of the