Elephant Shit


The States:

It’s where the elephant in the room took a huge crap which meant all the other elephants could rush in and take huge craps too!

There was so much elephant crap in the room they began to worship their own shit, that way when everything they touch turns to shit they can say they wanted it that way!

These elephants! They worked hard to make that rancid, stinking pile of shit they called their work!  Strange how they look so proud when all they did was take a dump!  What does that accompolish but, more shit!?

(I’ve heard it said that, their’s isn’t a political movement.  It’s a bowell movement!)

I’ve also heard it said that, if that pile of shit’s their work then it proves they’re nothing but a bunch of assholes!

Works for me.

Some of the animal trainers, those brown shirted guys with the emblems on their chests, (who do their bidding) will soom be seeking cages to tame what they call, ”The wilder beasts who don’t deserve what little they’ve been given.”

They’ll be out there beating the bush.  Oh my!  The fun they’ll have!  I’ve even heard they might try tar and feathering!

Is it possible these elephant forms are not even elephants?  Could they be giant tape worms or aliens or sub human forms of feces in disguise?

I ask myself, how can they call themselves ”humanity”?



In case you haven’t noticed, we’re in deep shit already!  Don’t you think it’s about time to do something about it?

So, hey good people!  Let’s get off our asses and make the deicision to clean up this fucking mess.  Oh … !  Sorry … !  Wull, let’s get off our butts!




5 thoughts on “Elephant Shit

      • Br Andrew Efo says:

        I think perhaps it differs when one looks into what we call the ‘Zoo’ Here most Australians hope it will not be Donald Trump but don’t think enough of Hillary Clinton to have confidence in her and we know that whoever is in power will have our sheeplike PM bowing and scraping and into things that are not our affair because they can never help themselves. – And never bother to ask us. We do not have any suitable future leaders on the horizon.


      • midcenturyman says:

        Wull … that’s kind of depressing.

        I think if you look at some of the things Hillary has accomplished including arranging for the recent nuclear agreement between Iran for inspection of their nuclear facilities and much, much more over the years you might be surprised.

        She’s brilliant. She came from humble beginnings. Her grandmother immigrated with not a penny to her name. You might not like Hillary but this is not a popularity contest. She gets things done maybe because she ISN’T likeable . And she fights hard for women’s rights and the issue of women’s rights. Bringing more women into positions of power is the key ingredient needed to make the world a better place to live in. I think our very existence hinges the role of women in the future. We are at the cusp of this happening.

        Her ideas are sound. Invest in infrastructure which will create jobs. There’s a lot of infrastructure that needs to be fixed and fixing it is an investment that pays off. It’s what we need here, if we are to grow and by ”grow” I mean, continue to get better.

        The Clinton Foundation has done some wonderful things. The foundation has been above board with its record keeping despite the inflated charges that people are using against her. The foundation has followed all the laws and nothing is amiss.

        this email thing is a smear. fifteen thousand emails is a drop in the bucket and don’t think for one minute that if there were real security leaks there wouldn’t have been a concerted effort to nail her ass. It would have been a badge of courage for any prosecutor to achieve. She testified before before a senate committee that grilled her for 11 1/2 hours bur could find no real wrong doing.

        I don’t get the extreme hostility that people have for her. I think it’s uneducated white male fear mongering. She’s a strong woman. Strong men are ”leaders”. Strong women are bitches.

        She made mistakes in judgement! ok. Who hasn’t. Look what George Bush did. Were it not for his bogus invasion of Iraq we wouldn’t be at war with ISIS right now. “The most serious foreign relations mistake in the history of the United States,” it has been called.

        She doesn’t believe in ‘trickle down economics’ which is a sham; has never worked despite the reasoning behind it. Making rich people richer does not improve the lives of the middle class.

        She has specific plans in place that are sound. She fights for human rights. She has accomplished much good during her long career. Whatever negative statements she has made i think, are backed up by facts and reasons.

        That other guy is a genius at manipulation with a deep deep understanding of how to manipulate people by using fear. I have not heard one single program or set of ideas HOW that guy will accomplish what he says he can do. ‘I will bring jobs back to the United States!” he says. ok asshole … how? renegotiate trade agreements?? Gimme a break.

        this man is psychotic that is, he has no conscience … no sense of ‘other’. He has engaged in despicable business dealings. Do you know how many people’s lives were affected by a nearly 1 billion dollar bankruptcy from which he emerged having to pay no income tax for 10 years.

        so, he mismanaged almost a billion dollars leaving thousands of creditors holding the bag while not paying one cent in taxes. not one penny for education, health care, infrastructure … you name it.

        this is not a man. This is a monster. His ideas are monsterous; walls, deportations, discrimination, mysogeny.

        That guy … he was the bully on the playground with the big mouth who everyone was afraid of because he could demean you in front of everyone; make you feel ashamed of yourself, turn others against you.

        He has that ”talent”. What actual Good has this person ever done in his life? Name one thing?

        I don’t know how people could think Hillary could become … or is … ‘Hitleresque’.

        The nuclear agreement between Iran and NATO in itself was an amazing accomplishment yet I don’t think many people realize that she brought this about. This in itself would be a fantastic legacy but, there’s so much more.

        She’s brilliant and tough. It’s about time women start coming into their own. They are the only hope for the human race.

        I’m ashamed at the image that asshole has presented to the world. Religious fundamentalism has been the divisive force in america since Ronald Reagan made a deal with Jerry Falwell giving the “silent majority” a foothold into american politics where they have tried to impose their religious beliefs, their sense of morality onto the population as a whole.

        It’s embarrassing! You could say, ”only in america,” could such a thing exist and in a very small way I’m somewhat proud of this whole circus …. were it not for the imminent danger of that guy having power.

        wull …. forget I said all that stuff since it’s never good to discuss politics and …… that other subject.

        Take care my brother ….. ks

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      • Br Andrew Efo says:

        Thank you – I wasn’t phased by the email business – I agree with everything you say about Trump we have one or two of our own.I also agree that we need more women in politics that can reach the top, America or the US of A hasn’t had a female President yet and our Red headed Julia let the side down in the end. It sure would be great to see how Hillary would fare. She is the one I hope wins because it sounds like the end of the free world if Donald Trump gets in. I heard him bellowing on the news the other night about ” These are the things that will make America great again” before my wife turned him over. Well politics and that other subject, are the two things to avoid so you take care too brother.


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