My Single Desire To See

My single desire, to see more deeply!

Deeper sounds and color! Especially blue, purple, black night navy, the grays of afternoon light, atomic orange moon rising into night, raw gems discovered walking, sand beneath my feet each grain part of the whole extending outward into the depths.

Hidden visions within wind, unseen patterns beyond sight, woven threads  of gold, vibrations glimpsed, above one dimensional ripples on water’s surface.

To feel more deeply!

Desire creating hunger, need, passions pulling headlong gathering speed, a world behind closed eyes, spinning pleasures, sparking more light; perpetual motion feeding on itself/ourselves/themselves.

More light to see with!  Giving “more feelings” to KNOW what Love is!


To see!

Deeper sounds and colors behind the veil; soil between the blades, sand flecks, pinpoints of light mirroring stars at night, reflecting food for thought, draughts of sweet nectar to quench the thirst for knowledge.

Intoxicating ideas … creativity, sparking even more seen, than before.

More light to see?  More feelings have we!


Merged with light you’re here,

you’re there,

you’re everywhere,

free floating, flying free,

drawn into a world that

wants you as much as

you want


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