One day, after the swelling in my knee had lessened/I found myself looking through one of those six foot wide sliders/at the hundred degree world outside/wondering what to do with my time. 

 I remembered a phrase I’d heard long ago/on the hottest days of summer/when I worked outdoors/for the railroad. 

“Looks hotter than a two peckered billy goat out their today, doesn’t it kid?”  

But, it didn’t stop us from working.


So I took the plunge into the hot zone/deciding to redirect two water jets along the side walls of the pool/ (a foot and a half below the surface of the water) to a sharper downward angle/algae on the bottom pushed toward the drainage pipe/at the far end of the pool.  

What could be easier work/for a man two and a half weeks after total knee replacement surgery?


After returning from the tool box with a short, regular head screwdriver/I knelt on one knee, my bad knee thrust straight back.  

Leaning over the edge of the pool/I guided the screwdriver into the eye of the nozzle/wedged it against the insides wall/and gently turned.  

When the jet’s ‘eye’ cracked loose/I cranked it downward to the left.


When the surface turbulence above the jet disappeared/a shadow world of spinning galaxies/black holes appeared from nothingness/their forms wandering aimlessly/hastening destruction or reforming forms torn apart/circles growing tails inside revolving shadows/subtle shadings of waves WITHIN the water clearly seen/patterns changing always changing/light absorbed from the sun cast down/onto the bottom of the pool/a photographic negative revealing details; moving shadows clear as night/the interplay of sunlit water, air, blue sky earth and liquid space had emerged.


Wow!  An invisible world becoming visible for me to see/all because I moved a water jet!

 How wonderful the world can be! 

Then I wondered.  Am I taking too much percoset?  

It didn’t matter.  One more jet to adjust.  We’ll see how it works!

 continued …