Titanium, high grade plastic and epoxy are part of the foundation helping me to stand straight on the right side of my body where those worn out, bone on bone surfaces, taking constant friction have been replaced by shiny new ones. Yippee !!

How long has it been now? Two weeks and four days since they slashed me open and poured molten titanium inside my knee?  For all of that, I’m not doing too bad. That spot welding they do is amazing! 

I’m still stiff and it hurts like hell. I sleep poorly at night but that’s getting better since John from Seattle sent me some herbal mixture that relaxes your body. It comes in tincture form.  Drops you right off into darkness.  

The incision looks better now that the 25 staples holding my skin together have been removed. Those scabs!  Wow!  You should have seen them basking in the sunlight and air, eager to dry up and fall off!

Wull, being a dumb ass like most men, I had the false perception that I could perform most of the the duties I ever performed before this ‘surgical invasion of my senses’ befell me.  

I figured, as long as I work more slowly, don’t push so hard  and pay attention to how I move my body – without twisting – I won’t get hurt. So, I ventured forth.  

One day I swept the pool.   Child’s play, but I felt pretty good about it.  

Another time I was on a safari stalking two little female people screaming with hysterical delight, hiding under a vinyl raft where they THOUGHT they could escape the torrents of water I threw at them from my new hose nozzle!  

 “Now THAT was fun!” the one girl said.  Another example of child’s play but, no pain no strain on that one too.  

At the end of the day on Sunday, after walking across the parking lot to get into the mall, then all over looking for the bathroom, then waiting around at the Apple Store THEN, the whole thing in reverse; my knee was the size of a large cantaloupe!

I had to ride home in the back seat, my leg extended, a pillow over my face to silence my whimpering.


Monday Tina the Physical Therapist With Her Bone Jarring Expectations