MA! Do You Ever Think I’ll Learn How To Surf?: Part II of The Mouse Who Thought He Could Fly

Naturally I had more time on my hands after my decision to stay away from Bill and his mud bogging. I spent a lot of time channel surfing U Tube.

One day I saw a video on washing machine repair. Jeeze, some of the repairs looked easy. Figuring this was a sign from God I decided what the Hell – oh … ! Sorry… ! HECK, I can fix the washer at the cottage!

Next morning I jumped in the car and headed north on I-75.

Pulling away I noticed my wife waving goodbye with both hands over her head. It sounded like she yelled, “Have fun YOU and don’t get HIT!”

I love it when she shows her oncern but after all I’m not a DUMB SHIT!

I drove 24 hours straight from Florida to northern Michigan where there was still a touch of winter in the air and three feet of snow on the ground. The weather was fair. Gray skies with temps in the mid 20s. Not bad for up there. I knew it would soon be melted.

Figuring I’d get some work done before repairing the washing machine I skuffed around in the snow looking for fallen limbs and branches but after a day and a half with only a small pile for all my effort I said, screw this! I’ll finish the job in Spring when I can at least see the ground!

Next, I figured I could finish one Spring job I hate! Washing the windows!

Unfortunately, even with the hair blower I couldn’t keep the Windex from freezing. Soon two inches of blue ice had formed along the window sill. I decided against using an ice pick to chip it away. The memory of stabbing a line of freon gas while defrosting the freezer was still fresh in my mind.

Boy does that freon smell! I KNOW my wife was happy to get a new refrigerator even though she threw the ice pick at me! She’s such a kidder!

Continued … Ewww, that smell!

6 thoughts on “MA! Do You Ever Think I’ll Learn How To Surf?: Part II of The Mouse Who Thought He Could Fly

      • midcenturyman says:

        Re: my haircut … Do you think I should cut my head off?? Does ”fool’ mean: I’m not telling you the truth, I’m telling you the shitty truth?? Like, “I fooled you!” I wasn’t fooled at all. I knew you were goinjg to come back with some arrogant gesture. Third, does “fool” mean that you are calling YOURSELF a fool? Like, a signature … ?

        I gotta go. I have a wound and therefore a pain pill to take care of ….. ks

        OR MAYBE IT MEANS LIKE ”NOT” ????? like, I love this meat loaf. NOT! FOOL! ?


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