It’s Time To Get Serious

Take this seriously.

I would hot be surprised if Donald Trump’s run for the presidency with his lust for power and vast resources isn’t part of a larger picture.

It’s not inconceivable to me that many years ago a plan was hatched.  And that over the years the pieces of the plan have slowly been put together starting with slowly building a highly trained and extremely well paid force of commandos who are part of a network in every state in the country waiting for the right moment to initiate a plan formulated years ago and perfected over time that some of the most gifted strategic planners have put together that could be carried out under surprise conditions causing an overthrow of the federal government?  And that Donald Trump’s run for president with his divisive rhetorical ability is one of the final pieces of the puzzle to fit into place.

It’s not inconceivable that given years to prepare for such an attack, specific vulnerable locations;  weak spots in the internet system yet highly important key locations for rerouting information,  have been identified and vulnerable to attack.

Much in the same way that a simple act such as as cutting a brake line of a car or putting sugar in a cars gas tank would render an engine useless so too could attacks at very specific locations render the internet useless.

It’s not inconceivable that a stealth attact by commandos at certain key locations could crash the internet essentially rendering every institution from government to airliners, shipping goods and services a highly coordinated coordination of computer technology our standard of living, our institutions and corporations and towns and cities, power companies, food distributors … all held together  held together by the threads of our internet perhaps more vulnerable to a physical attack  than the attempts by china and Russia to crash the internet by hacking into computers.

It’s a fragile web that works well under the right conditions but having never been tested by a physical assault could it be protected from a highly trained group of soldiers intent on crashing it?

What are the plans to deal with such an attack.  are there ways to reroute information to alternative sites, etc.  continued …

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