Nick and Jessica Talk Sex

… I had to play the role of a bad ass for years after that. It was pretty hard to it pull off sometimes  … especially when I was confronted by a REAL bad ass …

Hey Nick!  We’re going back to the ”Mall Planet”  aren’t we?

Yup …..  soooo, ok., ……………… where were we? ………

End of Part V, continued …

Part VI –

Nick and Jessica Laughed About Their Favorite Subject …

….. you know …  ….. nothing really that significant ever happened to me before you came along Nick … (jessica is smiling) …

Bullshit, jessica.  I lived four blocks over.  I knew about you a lot sooner than we knew about each other.

And you’ve told me just about every memory you’ve had since the beginning of time. (smiles).  Like, i know about the time you tried to set Lana Cole’s house on fire because she teased you about peeing the bed.

And you’ve given me a clear look into the past by telling me what it was like when Woody Woodhouse showed you his  d__k when you were four y ears old.

so, what are best friends for when you’re four years old other than getting a first time glimpse at a c_ck or a pu_sy?  You should have seen the look on his face when he looked down at mine.  

Pretty surprised huh?

Yeah, I don’t think that he thought there’d be that much difference between us.

… i always thought his name was so appropriate for that occasion, don’t you, jess?

I thought you hated that term Nick.  You say that every time the subject of this story comes up.

But we get to make these snarky remarks … like, I get to call you a dumb shit ..and it’s funny so i say it to poke you because you give me those fucking physical pokes.

Jessica suddenly lurches at Nick’s rib cage with her finger extended … you want a little poke huh ..   she start  poking Nick in the side.

With Nick bent over laughing Jessica stops, stands up, smiles, thinks….  hmmmm …

“Listen Nick, this is serious business. I was thinking,, i’m sure woody has the sight of my … well, you know … p_ _sy — etched in his mind.  It’s probably the template he has used for every girl’s  p_ _sy  he ever saw from that point forward throughout his whole life which …. this is not a bad thing is it nick?   

I wonder if Woody Woodhouse even saw that many p_ssys in his whole life, Jessica?  If i were a betting man I’d say he hasn’t even looked at his wife’s pu__y in a looong time, if at all.

After seeing mine, probably not Nick.  He probably just glanced at his wife’s  a couple of times in the beginning to see how it stacked up against mine … then went ahead and took the plunge. .. 

… the plunge?

Yeah … It must have looked ok compared to mine so he asked her to marry him!

You’ve got some mighty high standards for marriage don’t you  Jessica. ”Hmmmm … Her p_ _sy looks almost as  good as Jessica’s did when we were 4  years old so, I think I’ll ask her to marry me.”

Nick and Jessica dissolve into laughter …

continued …

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