Nick and Jessica Have Another Ridiculous Conversation

continued …. And my dildo sister, right?

That’s my house at the end of the street!

right … you’re telling Di the story and  you have to rub the tears out of your eyes because that’s what you always do when you lose control of your laughing.  Then, you realize your mood has changed. You feel really good. You feel chatty.

 Oh yeah. that’s me, Nick.  I’ve finally learned how to be outgoing and I’m not letting my sister get a word in edgewise which … I never let her do anyway … and it’s all because I dropped my shoe box at the mall when I was on another planet?

…. then, half way through the next day, you remember what happened and you chuckle and shake your head.

You’re not going to tell me I’m going to do this for the rest of my life are you Nick.  Because if you are then …… (Jessica is smiling …)

Noooo, nooo, noo.  Jeesh… what a drag … like Ground Hog Day … well, not quite but anyway … a few months go by. You find yourself walking past Starbuck’s where it all happened.  You’ve  got two boxes of shoes in a Payless bag ….

Payless … ???!! Are you shitting me?  You’re making this thing into a fucking nightmare … he he  

… and you smile when you remember the time that funny shit happened.  You’re thinking, “That guy was really funny. I wonder what happened to him?  Maybe he’ll pass by.” But, he doesn’t

Aww Nick, why ‘dja have to do that?  We could have had a wonderful 24 hour relationship ..

 … So you get a cup of that sweet latte shit you like …

Speak for yourself Nick; bold Jamaican cappachino ? … bleaaah !

… and you sit there reliving those clear memories. It’s so great when that happens! You can remember the song they were playing at the time …

I think it was Elton John singing, Bennie and the Jets.

 … and you remember the barrista’s name because you joked with him about the incident.

I think it was Rod. I can’t remember his last name.  Was it Sperling or Durling or something like that? 

Yeah right.  You were in the zone that day … so, what the heck you even remember you had to buy an umbrella because it rained so hard that day.  And it’s all because something totally out of the ordinary happened in an otherwise boring day.

That fucking umbrella collapsed on me half way across the parking lot.  (Nick is smiling, holding back a little laughter.)

….. well you know  … funny shit like that happens all the time when I’m with you Nick. So … so what? It’s funny? Uh-kayy…. But, I gotta admit a lot of this makes sense. I can remember so many of the funny experiences we’ve had when we’re together.  And they’re usually pretty unusual situations.  Why do you think I hang out with you, Nick?  

Beats the shit out of me Jessica.  I thought maybe it was the cologne I wear.

But you don’t wear cologne jerko.  

Oh yeah, I forgot.  (they’re on he verge of laughter …)

I’ll tell you what it’s like Nick.  It’s like,  you have these memories inside your brain, right?  And they’re in there simmering like little fires … and then something unusual happens and like, WHOOSH they flare up and take you by surprise!  It’s like all of the sudden, charcoal starter gets squirted on them and they … BOOM … they appear!  What do you think?  Is that a good way to describe it? he, he he …

Very funny Jessica.  I think you’ve been reading too much Carlos Castenada …

 I guess it’s a little like remembering  my fight with that dick head Rob Steiner when something triggered the memory and boom!

What’s that got to do with anything?

I don’t know.  It just popped into my head … continued …

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