They’re Back! The Nick and Jessica Chronicles

Hey Nick!  We’re going back to the ”Mall Planet”  aren’t we?  Yup …  soooo, ok.   Where were we … ? continued … 

                                              Another Chapter


Jessica Visits Carlos Castenada While Ripping Apart Arugula for her Salad

…….. oh yeah so, that night when you’re tearing up arugula for your salad, you tell the story to your sister. While you tell it, you get that hysterical edge to your voice. You’re laughing and talking at the same time and you are so tickled that, tears are forming in your eyes and you’re doing your ‘’he, he, … ” laugh.

Di doesn’t think it’s that funny but you don’t care.  You just keep talking like …  the story is so crystal clear to you … it’s almost like you’ve dropped back into that world again. It’s like you brought a piece of that world right into the kitchen when you started telling the story!

Ummmm … I don’t know, Nick. 

Did you ever watch those Twilight Zone re-runs?  I used to love those things.  Do you remember that sound they used to make just before Rod Serling said, ”You are now entering the Twilight Zone”?  Well, … hey ….. listen …. Nick, LISTEN!”

Under her breath she makes the sound ….. “oooooWAHAHAHAHoooooo … .”  I think you’ve broughten us into the Twilight Zone,  Nick!”

You tickle me Jess.  Even when you’re being a jerk. Did you just make that word ‘broughten’ up Jessica?  Is that the term you use when you bring something along when you go into the Twilight Zone?  (Nick and Jessica look at each other with mutual grins)  Well anyway, back to the kitchen …

And my dildo sister, right?

Right …

continued …

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