My Conversation With the Cat: Again


While my wife and I sipped morning tea I told my cat she was beautiful.

She squinted her eyes, flicked one ear as if to say she understood.

She dropped to the floor turned and walked across the back of the ottoman,  her tail looking like a curved round feather suspended in air, turned right at the far corner then right again where she slowly walked past where we sat, her eyes slightly squinted until stopped, she pointed the tip of her tail at the ceiling, drew three circles, dropped it to the left, sashayed it right then straight up again before sitting faced away from us, her ears pointed back.

Since I understand cat language quite well, I decided to tell my wife about the language of cats.

“A cat’s thought vibrations connect to their tails the same way our thoughts link with our voices.’’

I paused.

“So, if you focus on their nuances, stop your mind from chattering (cats of course don’t think in terms of words) their thoughts can be understood quite clearly.”

I looked at my wife and said, “You are aware that the cat and I have conversations all day long aren’t you?”

I looked at the cat.  One ear twitched.

My wife … who had been listening quietly, caught me off guard saying, “ARE YOU MAKING THIS STUFF UP!?”

For years I had observed my cat’s behavior but had not read a single word to support my claims.

All I could say was, “Well I guess so but … ”

And that’s when I found myself sitting alone with the cat.

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  1. allthoughtswork

    No, you’re right. To a degree. Animals pick up on emotions. The cat would be just as happy in your presence if you were enjoying a good beer. Tell wifey that and then ask her to pick up a six pack. I dare you.

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    1. Kurt Struble

      but this story wasn’t about the cat being happy. it was about my cat’s sense of awareness.

      Yes, my cat picks up on my emotions. all animals do. but i think that she picks up on a lot more than just emotions. She is also picking up on words but on a totally different level than humans since, of course animas don’t think in terms of words. for example, when i tell her i think she’s beautiful or i love her she’ll slowly close her eyes and look at me through the slits of her eyes which most cat lovers will tell you is a kind of universal way of telling you that they love you.

      Or, if she’s pissed off she has this way of twitching just the end of her tail almost, you could say, in an irritated fashion. it almost reminds me of a short burst of crackling lightening.

      She can be lying on the floor faced away from me. I could be having conversation with someone. I’ll mention her or talk about her … or i’ll talk TO her and as soon as i do she’ll slowly lift her tail up and set it back down. there can be pauses between but eventually if i continue to talk to her, she’ll keep raising her tail and lowering it.

      She may twitch her ear indicating an awareness … some shift of her sense awareness that tells me that she is telling ME that she’s aware of my awareness.

      Animals don’t think. But they have thoughts. humans associate ‘thinking’ with words. animals don’t use words of course. they have ‘awareness’. My cat ‘knows’ and understands me on a very basic level so that basically we have an awareness of each other.

      My cat has a whole retinue of yeowling sounds she makes based on her needs in various situations but that’s another story.

      we humans think we are so smart and we ARE smart on our own level. we have self awareness. we know the ‘I’ inside. But it’s the ”I” that is the bothersome side of life.

      if we don’t balance the ”me” with the silence within our minds. all this chatter is what drives us crazy.

      getting the ”I” or ”me” to shut up is what meditation is all about. Once you stop the chatter inside your brain your sense of awareness expands tremendously. there are times when, if you have enough awareness you don’t even NEED words. you can communicate by nuance. my cat is aware that i am aware of ITS nuance so, she responds to my nuance.

      The thoughts expressed can be very sophisticated at times but i’m not sure words would suffice to explain.

      this type of thinking and communicating is on a whole other level, something deep inside …. i think it’s the cro-magnum man who is part of our genetic make up … who did not rely on words so much to communicate.

      I think the world would be a much better place if people would be more in touch with that other side of our genetic make up. It’s basically not that hard to do. The right side of our brains are visual. the creative half or what it feel like when you are totally relaxed …. your internal dialogue has stopped. It doesn’t interfere with the world around.

      there ARE some studies indicating that people with certain types of autism have uncanny abilities communicating with animals.

      as far as the ‘wifey’ comment goes … she would kick the shit out of me if i ever referred to her with that term. and she would never go out and get me a six pack. first of all … i don’t drink. second of all, she’d say, ‘get up off of your ass and get your own beer! or she might not say anything but i would EASILY understand on a deeper more nuanced level what she was thinking and quit while i was ahead.

      by now you are probably feeling the same way my wife felt when i found myself sitting alone with the cat. right? thanks for your comment. you inspired me …. giving me a chance to expand on a subject that i think is fascinating. ks

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      1. Kurt Struble

        is that the best you can come up with?


    2. Kurt Struble

      oh! hell yes! … ks


  2. Br Andrew Efo

    Wifey exit on next stage


    1. Kurt Struble

      wifey …. uh oh … are you skilled in self defense? luckily you live on the other side of the planet or she’d hunt you down ….. ks


      1. Br Andrew Efo

        No my wifey is skilled in self defense – not I so I need to hide twice do I….. ha Andrew


  3. Br Andrew Efo

    You don’t need to explain to me because I have always felt this but hadn’t exactly thought it out in as many words or concepts as this.


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