While my wife and I sipped morning tea I told my cat she was beautiful.

She squinted her eyes, flicked one ear as if to say she understood.

She dropped to the floor turned and walked across the back of the ottoman,  her tail looking like a curved round feather suspended in air, turned right at the far corner then right again where she slowly walked past where we sat, her eyes slightly squinted until stopped, she pointed the tip of her tail at the ceiling, drew three circles, dropped it to the left, sashayed it right then straight up again before sitting faced away from us, her ears pointed back.

Since I understand cat language quite well, I decided to tell my wife about the language of cats.

“A cat’s thought vibrations connect to their tails the same way our thoughts link with our voices.’’

I paused.

“So, if you focus on their nuances, stop your mind from chattering (cats of course don’t think in terms of words) their thoughts can be understood quite clearly.”

I looked at my wife and said, “You are aware that the cat and I have conversations all day long aren’t you?”

I looked at the cat.  One ear twitched.

My wife … who had been listening quietly, caught me off guard saying, “ARE YOU MAKING THIS STUFF UP!?”

For years I had observed my cat’s behavior but had not read a single word to support my claims.

All I could say was, “Well I guess so but … ”

And that’s when I found myself sitting alone with the cat.