I love when it snows in big cities/forcing people to stay inside/with their families, significant other or self/away from the noise and forced hustle and bustle of everyday life.

I love to go outside after snow falls/and see the world coated white.

The forms of life and its manifestations turned smooth,  curved,  soft.

And so clean!

At night the snow world sparkles/especially during full, half or quarter moons/or from the connection between the stars on a crystal clear night/their light beams sharing more than you can possibly imagine!

Snow acoustics are the best!

Inside the silence of freshly fallen snow/all distractions melt away /and the soft sounds of your true self become evident.

Freshly fallen snow gives back precious remembrance of time past/when visions and forgotten feelings emerge and are seen anew/stripped bare of all non-essentials.

 Like an epic story told with few words.

Or reality seen through a prism of crystal clear ice.

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