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What I’d Write About



I stay up all night and write then I sleep, get up and start all over again.

I take a notebook and write when I go to the mall or when I go to restaurants.

I listen to people and write what they say.

I write what people say when I talk on the phone.

I write what flows through my brain even though most of the time it’s junk and doesn’t make much sense.

I look at magazines and write the words I see.

I’d describe the granite table top I’m writing on if I felt like it, then I’d describe the edges.

Or, I’d write about the plastic bottles I took from the garbage can that day and the crotch of that fat girl getting rid of all those plastic bottles inside her car while I was waiting to get gas and she was bent over throwing them into the can.

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  1. Br Andrew Efo

    Must have been fizzy pop with mucho sugar in them


  2. Kurt Struble

    I don’t know … but for a while there i thought SHE was pretty frizzy topped and i definitely wasn’t feeling very macho about it ….

    fizzy pop!… hahahaha ….. mucho sugar! … hahahahah …. i can’t even imagine diet fizzy pop, can you? … thanks Bro … ks


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