I made strides.  I always made strides.

Three strides forward, two back, sometimes four.

Life was a bitch but I didn’t always care.  “We all feel that way don’t we?”

I started to learn and my mind became stronger than fear and depression.

I learned how to escape the darkness that chose me.  I turned away from the darkness.  I went where I wanted to go.”


Then, one day I did some work.

I created outward beauty from somewhere deep inside.

They said I looked like I was in a trance of joy

They gave me their obligatory praise but, I had no use for compliments.  Honor, glory and a round of applause were secondary.

I had the privilege to do what I loved.  I loved my art, my sculpture, my dance.


But, the work I loved destroyed my body.

My goals were always just a little out of reach.

The happiness I sought came and went.  Then, came and went again and again like a welcomed guest who brings cake then leaves before it’s eaten.