I Always Made Strides …


 I made strides.  I always made strides.

Three strides forward, two back, sometimes four.

Life was a bitch but I didn’t always care.  “We all feel that way don’t we?”

I started to learn and my mind became stronger than fear and depression.

I learned how to escape the darkness that chose me.  I turned away from the darkness.  I went where I wanted to go.”


Then, one day I did some work.

I created outward beauty from somewhere deep inside.

They said I looked like I was in a trance of joy

They gave me their obligatory praise but, I had no use for compliments.  Honor, glory and a round of applause were secondary.

I had the privilege to do what I loved.  I loved my art, my sculpture, my dance.


But, the work I loved destroyed my body.

My goals were always just a little out of reach.

The happiness I sought came and went.  Then, came and went again and again like a welcomed guest who brings cake then leaves before it’s eaten.

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  1. Winter Foxes

    Love this post! Mind checking out my blog? http://www.winterfoxesblog.wordpress.com A follow and/or comment would be greatly appreciated :)


    1. Kurt Struble

      shurrrrr …… ks i love it that you love it thanks for loving it … ks


    2. Kurt Struble

      dear Foxy … can you take a tease? I hope so … this is a little diddy i wrote after being reading several of your posts. I was inspired to be really stupid … not because what YOU wrote was stupid but … wull … i’m just that way … it’s so easy for me to lapse into sometimes … it’s like i have a talent for it or something …anyway, it’s a mixed blessing but you touched a nerve. so here it is. straight from the heart …

      Oh! Lonely evenings! when
      mattifying matters matter the most … when the poor get smaller pores it’s grease that fuels the spores of
      oily skin the fuel of unforgiving pustules but now … my embarrassment just melts away … and why?

      i used to be a
      Clearisil guy but i’ve seen the light !

      It’s always been you Cetaphil … right from the start you’ve always been the ONE!

      Oh cetaphil … O’ Cetaphil … I love thee true you help me face the day … make me feel so clean! I love that feeling!

      Last night before bed i even foliated myself … why? just so you and i can sexfoliate er …. exfoliate in the morning …

      I’ve come back to you Cetaphil …

      And this time … it’s for
      good ….. !

      thanks for being genuine Ms Fox and thanks for the Love … ks


    3. Kurt Struble

      i promise you i’ll come back … in fact, i’m going back right now to “Like” and ‘follow’ … ks


  2. maryannniemczura

    Sometimes the joy happens after we are done and have left. Be confident that someone somewhere notices and appreciates.


    1. Kurt Struble

      wull …. i like to look on the bright side. I get to eat a lot of cake! number 2. I love my work! I think some of it is brilliant! 3. the poem might not express this … maybe it does … but, a real artist does their work for themselves … my work is something i HAVE to do … and i wouldn’t be honest if i wrote for what others want … although i definitely sense people like poems with a lot of angst so … i let myself remember my angst and i write about it. life is a tragedy, but it has its share of joy and if you are lucky you find true love and you get to be two people sharing in one sense of awareness .. wow … Life amplified! this is wonderful. overall, life sucks … but it doesn’t. my favorite emotion is what i call ‘sweet melancholy’. Sweet feelings but an awareness of life’s shortcomings. it feels really good to cry sometimes if you cry for the right reason. you might want to read a poem i wrote … part of a collection … Mount Olympia. i just re posted it. i can not read it, re-write it, read it out loud with out crying. i’m tearing up as ”we speak” … but they are beautiful tears about a very very special person … thanks for your comment and your support .. and your sense of caring … sweet person … take care … ks follow your passion … ks


      1. maryannniemczura

        Thank you for the thoughtful comment. I read Mount Olympia just now. I don’t know if there is a “right” reason to cry or not. Tears flow from happiness and from sadness as well. Happy writing to you.


      2. Kurt Struble

        yerrr right about that …… i even cry because i cry then i can’t stop crying …

        jeeze …. anyway, thanks again …. hmmmm …. maybe a sense of overwhelming emotion is the shared aspect of tears. (i wonder if people can really cry without tears?? I’d tend to think not, unless some people have plugged up tear ducts in which case their nose would run really bad? Or maybe crying without tears is a sure sign the person is … faking it? I don’t know.

        strange how sometimes crying makes me feel better while other times i feel a whole lot worse.

        wull … there’s one thing i know for sure. nothing is true 100% of the time! thanks again … it was fun …. ks

        Liked by 1 person

      3. maryannniemczura

        Perhaps you should try theater work where there are crying scenes. :)


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