Mount Olympus


The Goddess Olympia

Among the gods was the goddess Olympia.  

A mountain of a woman,  soft hearted yet steadfast.  Determined to feed and nurture all who entered her domain.   

She gave all she had to others until one day in the white heat of summer her heart burst and she died after losing her brother to his sad life un-lived.  

Her brother? He rode the waters day after day reaching for a dream that was only a fantasy. 

He lived life without the flame of a dream.  His fanciful aspirations the result of his infatuation with the false god of fantasy who each day sucked dry larger and larger portions of his life until tinder dry, flames consumed him and took Mount Olympia too. 

 It’s a beautiful but sad story as life can be (or maybe is ) about some extraordinary people I had the privilege to know … truly Gods and Goddesses in their own way … beautiful people I’ve introduced you to who I cannot think, or write or read out loud about to the ones I love without crying … as I am doing this moment. ks