Crossroad Further South

… i ran away into a night of bitter cold determined to hitch 1,200 miles away from that cold winter bitch to another place where maybe I’d find the warm nurturing wind I felt before the roadblock I encountered at the crossroad …


I didn’t know if i could leave my frustration and rage behind but it didn’t matter.  All that mattered was that I was on the road away from the past. 

As I watched the miles fly by through the rolling hills of Ohio and Kentucky the mountains of Tennessee and Georgia recollections of the past streamed further and further behind. 

I existed for the moment.  I gave no thought to my future life. 

I had no ideas. Nothing had yet filled the void.  

I consoled the vacancy of my expectations with the thought that the future will make itself known. 

When I passed into the flat land of Florida, where I saw palm trees and abundant sunshine so strangely different than what I had lived with all my life I thought, “… maybe my life will take on a different look, just as these trees and the white hot sun of this new land … .”

continued …

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