Crossroad South the Greek Island

When I passed into the flat land of Florida, where I saw palm trees and abundant sunshine … so strangely different than what I had lived with all my life I thought, “… maybe my life will take on a different look, just as these trees and the white hot sun of this new land … .”  continued …


I made my way further south to the coast where I settled into a community of Greeks.  A island of Greek culture apart from the surrounding world.  People who searched for sponges in the warm waters of the Gulf, built boats and told endless stories through the ancient language of beauty and thought.

Stories that captivated my mind even though I didn’t understand a word.

Their words?  They were music to my ears.  Melody and cadence that rose and fell filled … I supposed …  with adventure and humor the details hidden from my mind yet, endlessly interesting or hilariously funny.  Like an adventurer from another land might feel at first encounter with blues music captivated by its power but unknowing of it’s history or intent.

I spent of my days working on the giant .. continued …


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