The Crane: Final Moments


I followed Jake to his house.  I sat on a bench facing the bird half way between where I sat and the lake.  I hoped his neck was long enough to see the lake.

I thought back.  I wondered if the bird was aware of my presence down in  the swale when we stared into each others eyes.  I thought we had made a connection but maybe I was imagining things.

I heard Jake approach, I looked up.  The barrel of the shotgun pointed skyward.  Jake swung it down so it pointed at the ground, unlocked it,  jerked upward and cracked it open.

I looked into the black hole of the barrel waiting to be loaded with the fat, red shotgun shell.  The shell made a thunking sound when it dropped into the gun barrell.

Jake snapped the the barrel shut and locked it.

The barrel moved upward disappearing from my field of vision.

I continued to stare at the bird.  It’s head feathers ruffled in the breeze.  I remembered seeing them ruffle back in the swale.  Maybe it was waving good bye.  Things are funny that way.

The air stopped moving.  I couldn’t hear a sound.  I couldn’t move.  I held my breath.  It seemed like time had stopped.  All I heard was deadly silence.

The explosion almost knocked me off the bench!

At the precise moment the explosion rocked me I saw one of the most amazing sights I had ever seen in my life.

continued …

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  1. tribalmysticstories

    Wow! Great Opening!


    1. Kurt Struble

      jeeze … it’s nice to see you! I thought maybe you had dropped off of the other side of the planet! you moved closer to the city i think but i hope your son didn’t lose that wonderful creativity. I hope you enjoy the rest of the story. It’s right up your line …. nice … ks

      Liked by 1 person

      1. tribalmysticstories

        I did drop off the planet ks…but I am still on the land. I guess I was spending more time with the birds and the land. :) Nice to hear from you. Chris is about to start Science and Industrial Design…his first year.


        1. Kurt Struble

          if you’ll go to the post entitled ‘the cottage’ you’ll see where i am located currently. … the state of michigan in the u.s. … the northern half of the state in the pinewood forests at our family cottage on the shoreline of Lake Huron where the temps are near zero at times … but our place is well insulated with a fireplace and we have Roku. This is my spiritual place on the planet … among the pine trees and the shoreline of the lake with chipmunks, squirrels, deer, pike and perch from the lake. this is a resting place for birds migrating north or south in spring and fall. we have a birding festival … ”birders” from all over the country come to see every kind of migrating bird you can imagine. mallard ducks and geese live in the bay throughout the year until they have to leave because of ice … . would you mind sending me your geographical location? I’d like to take a look at it on google maps …. you can call me kurt if you want to … take care …. ks/kurt

          first year science and design! this is wonderful, i hope it’s everything he wants it to be so that creativity grows and grows .. …. ks

          Liked by 1 person

    2. Kurt Struble

      hey … sorry, i left out the last few words of the post. they’re there now … ks

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Kurt Struble

    Oh! the ‘nice’ wasn’t referring to the post … it was referring to seeing you … and i didn’t see the ‘like’ until now so …. jeeze, thanks … ks


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