The Crane; The Jury Has Reached A Verdict

  Halfway to the front, I looked over my shoulder where she stood motionless, her mouth opencontinued …

The curve …

I touched the feathers behind the curve of its neck.  It opened its eyes while slowly unfurling its long neck.

I looked up, watching its head turn left, right then straight ahead while still standing  motionless.

My mom stood next to me, speechless.  She asked me if it acted like it was sick.  I told i didn’t know,  I’d never seen a sick bird before.

Smile …

Then she asked if it tried to stab me in the eye.   I stared into her eyes without moving.

She said she thought it looked very sick.

Jake Willis stood next to my mom.  They took turns talking, trying to convince me the bird was dangerous and sick.  They insisted the bird could have blinded me!   They said it was too sick to live!

I hated them for saying that.  Who were they to decide whether something should live or die? (Of course I knew better than to say it out loud.)

I looked at both of them.  I stared hard at their faces.

They didn’t have to say a word.  I knew their decision.

I turned and walked shaking my head.  I was thinking this is so typical of the screwed up way adults think.

I turned to tell them the least we could do was take it back where I found it.

But it was too late.  Jake was already half way to the curve.

I fell in behind.  continued …

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Mid century vintage man/dad, degreed, experienced, musician, music lover, photographer, writer.

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