Poem Pour F.G.M: On Love Lost

Ce poem pour vous  F.G.M. cate changer les idees.


On Love Lost

There’s hardly a thing more painful

then lost love departed.

The memories so dear.

The last chapter of a book

you wish you could read again and again

without knowing the ending.

A book you’ll never read again.

The best that money

can’t buy.

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  1. Br Andrew Efo

    Yes, I bought one of those not long ago it had the biggest write up ever yet I just could not get into it


    1. Kurt Struble

      you are so esoteric! the thoughts contained within your words have truth but one has to weave within and without them to find the truth … kind of like untying a gordian knot within your own mind … never an easy job but challenging and the end result can be some knowledge or truth you discover that you didn’t know existed before you began the search .. truths that take thought and can’t be forced but in the end are very personal .. ks

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      1. Br Andrew Efo

        Thank you for the compliment. Making sense of that book i really did give up and I rarely do that.


      2. Kurt Struble

        much of it has to do with, as i’m sure you are aware (while an element of expectation and the past both play roles since we DO learn by our mistakes over time) simple placement of the comma, which CAN be a challenge, if you don’t know where to put it! Right?

        correct placement seems like such a simple solution to these seemingly difficult interpretations. It takes skill and you have to be flexible, but that’s half the fun! It doesn’t make finding your way through the maze of self discovery any easier … you just get there a little quicker, I think.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Br Andrew Efo



      4. Kurt Struble

        ahhhh …. smiles and laughter … the best compliment … the best result … wanna find love? find it through laughter. laughter … socially acceptable orgasms you can have in public at any time …. thank you … ks

        Liked by 1 person

      5. Br Andrew Efo

        I’ve only just really noticed your last comment – socially acceptable indeed.


  2. Robert Matthew Goldstein


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Kurt Struble

      thank you!


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    1. Kurt Struble

      you’re a sweet girl … thanks … you know, this was just one of those ‘throw away’ things that I wrote as a comment to F.G.M. … the words just kind of blurted out … it really seemed to strike a nerve, i guess because we’ve all felt pain in that particular nerve … oh well, you can’t have love without the broken heart it leaves in its wake .. i’m not sure one can truly love until somewhere along the line their heart is broken … strange isn’t it but then, without the broken heart how would we have the knowledge to know we are truly in love? talk about yin and yang … thanks again sweet girl …. ks


  4. Little Monster Girl
  5. Kurt Struble

    hey wow! thanks ! … ks


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