Late Fall Tragedy the Last Time I Saw June And Jim


The last time I saw June was at a birthday party she gave for her nephew one Saturday in late fall.

I have to tell you what the inside of their house looked like because it played a significant role with the tragic ending.

Walking through the front door the first thing you see are dark brown stairs leading up to a landing then right a few more steps to the second floor.

Straight ahead at the end of the hall the kitchen looked like a  lighted rectangular picture with yellow walls, a red melmac table with curved chrome legs and the shadows of moving mothers.

Halfway down the hallway to the right was what we would call today, the living room where June threw the best birthday party I ever attended; one continuous strand of low level activity moving forward, always moving forward never boring exactly like those summer yard parties except instead of drinking booze and playing poker we were eating cake,  drinking Coke playing kids games like pin the tail on the donkey or dropping clothes pins into a milk bottle.

June made them fun moving around the room teasing us, laughing at our mistakes.  When we did something well, she gave out little prizes.  She treated us like adults having a good time which endeared her to us.

With candles blazing at just the right moment June brought the birthday cake into our midst.  We gathered around staring down at the cake, the room quiet for the first time all day.

Holding the knife over the cake she whetted our appetites, teasing each of us … one by one … about the hungry looks in our faces even accusing some of us of drooling.

She knew how to increase our appetites skilled as she was with her poking and prodding until I could hardly wait for my first piece.  I knew I could go back as many times as I wanted until I was completely satisfied.

It’s easy to see why my dad was lured into the temptation of eating a piece of her cake deliciously sweet as I’m sure he thought it was.     

We all wondered which one of us would be lucky enough to get the extra generous portions at the four corners; pieces she gave out with such delight to the four lucky boys she chose to get bigger portions of the sweet frosting and extra moist cake.

Within seconds after getting my first piece, I was back asking for more and more.

continued … Next: The End


5 thoughts on “Late Fall Tragedy the Last Time I Saw June And Jim

    • Kurt Struble says:

      well you know …. with half the world 10 year old boys disguised as men, you have to consider the attention span … i was getting a little antsy thinking it might be too long … your comment tells me you must be enjoying the dirt that came from my home town … now i wish there was more! thank you so much … ks

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Kurt Struble says:

    I hope you weren’t disappointed.

    tell me, what do you think a tragedy is? Is it a tragedy when the good die or when the bad die? I think it might have to do with value. it’s a tragedy if a person of value dies so the world doesn’t benefit from what they may have to give.

    in this case it could be said that the person … or people … who caused the death were the bad people or the bad ‘force’. We lost the lovely man Jim … an innocent … by the reckless behavior of two people who at least walked away with their lives. what kind of life they’ve had, i don’t know.

    my dad went on to raise me. he had a good life. did he ever feel regret or even acknowledge that this happened and that he was partly to blame? not to my knowledge. I’m sure he had it safely rationalized inside of his mind.

    well … the world went off kilter after the tragedy. people’s lives ricocheted into different directions. at least mine/ours did.

    change is good if it makes you better … stronger? is that right?

    these are questions that have many answers.

    Life is a mystery. as it unfolds we are given the answers but that’s like not really hearing something until after the sound is made.


    “transfixed” is about the second greatest word anyone’s ever used in reference to my work.

    I appreciate your own perceptive description of what i have done. it suits me just fine. thank you for passing it on.. ks


  2. Kurt Struble says:

    But who’s to decide what value is and isn’t or who’s valuable and who isn’t and what is right or wrong? Life is a mystery and we are all guilty of something to lesser or greater degrees. i don’t want to take this any further because i’m bi polar and tend to think that every thought has a negative or positive charge attached to it so that one could go on asking questions and coming up with answers forever … better to return to the place where we started and know that place for the first time … the only way to find liberation. gotta stop … take care .. … ks


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