The Crossroad, The Driver With Pity

continued …  Beneath it all the pounding bass drum beat of my heart pumping blood.  


My chest lunged upward with every breath.  I began wheezing with every exhalation.

I stopped glancing over my shoulder for cars.  I didn’t even turn and put my thumb 0ut when I heard a car approaching.  Instead,  I just extended my thumb at the passing cars while running,  which is the the hitchhikers curse of death.  No one wants to pick up a running hitcher with their back to traffic!

But I had no choice!  It was getting later and later.  It seemed there were fewer cars and the pitiless drivers kept passing by.

Desperate thoughts began invading my mind.  I started thinking each driver was crazy and then I started hating each of them.  Fear was invading my body.  I felt my dream receding, getting farther and farther away with each passing moment.

I started wondering what terrible deed I was being punished for! I heard voices spinning around inside my mind , “Why me? Why me? What have I done wrong.  Why am I being punished?  It isn’t FAIR!”

In my deepest despair a car slowed and stopped.

Before I knew it I was inside of a warm car trying to catch my breath.  While driving down Washtenaw Avenue toward the campus I told the driver about my resolve to change my life.

He reassured me that he would drop me off in front of Angel Hall even though it was out of his way.

I looked at my watch.  We had just enough time to get there.

My spirits began to soar.

continued …

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Mid century vintage man/dad, degreed, experienced, musician, music lover, photographer, writer.

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