Christmas Story: IV The Grand Trunk Railroad, Crows and Pits

Grand Trunk steam engine passing our depot

My uncle told us stories about his dad who drove steam engines for the Grand Trunk Railroad.  (The town where I lived in Michigan is the where  the Grand Trunk rail lines come together.)

The lady from Canada told us she lived in Thunder Bay, Ontario.  She was taking the passenger train to Chigago to see her sister when the trains stopped running because of the heavy snow.

Uncle Bill told us a funny story about a pet crow that stood on his arm while he fed it cherries.  Each time the crow ate a cherry, the pit from the previous cherry dropped out of its butt!

Grandma and grandpa told how they met at the annual county fair during a band concert.  They talked about how hard they had to work growing up on a farm before there was electricity or even indoor bathrooms.

942835_10200406113369917_423569206_nMy mom and Aunt Jo remembered the beautiful dresses my grandmother made for them when they they tap danced at gatherings around the city and state.  They rode the train to Chicago once and tap danced on a popular radio program!

My brother, my cousins and I listened quietly or laughed along with everyone especially the story about the crow and the cherry pits.

The whole time we laughed and listened to stories the pig rested in the middle of the table.  For some strange reason, I imagined the pig had a smile on its face.

…. continued …


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