If Stupid Is Funny Then Donald Trump Is A ……….. ck!

UnknownSo anyway … .  Before my doctor’s appointment I was listening to Terry Gross interview the cartoon editor from New York magazine.  When Terry asked what role embarrassment plays in humor, my ears pricked up.   His answer was a life changer!

“Embarrassment is the mothers milk of humor,”  he said.  Wow! Suddenly I felt liberated. Self actualized!  If only I would have known this years ago.  Think of all the unnecessary angst I’ve felt over the years not knowing it was actually OK to act stupid in public as long as people are laughing in your wake!

I felt energized.  Full of myself.  I thought, “I wonder if there’s something beyond ‘self actualization I could reach for?  Maybe sainthood?’’

I had  heard that Mother Theresa had a good sense of humor.  But hmmm … humor  wasn’t her strong suit.  And Saint Nicholas?  Wull … he wasn’t such a jolly ‘ole soul until the marketing department at Coca Cola depicted him laughing while drinking a rum and coke.  You didn’t know that?

Whoa!!  Suddenly I was afraid that if I got too cocky I’d lose my newly found sense of self esteem. It’d be like making a short trip to the outhouse only to discover I was constipated!

(Shit of course, being the funniest word in the English language.  oh! .. sorry!)

Well, you know acting stupid does not automatically qualify you as a funny person.  That’s ridiculous!  If this were true Donald Trump would be one of the funniest people on the planet!

Which brings me to the second most funny word in the English language ‘dumbfuck’.

Oh! … Sorry again!  I’m embarrassed … hahahahahaha …

Truth of the matter is, it’s OK to use a funny word like dumbfuck to describe a not so funny person as long as you end up laughing at that person for being the dumbfuck that they are.

Dontcha’ think?


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