The Humor of Orthopedia


The Humor of Orthoipedia

So … yesterday I had a one o’clock appointment with my orthopedic person to have my head …er .. knee examined.  (I’m not a bone head fer cryin’ out loud! I have an orthopedic neurologist for that!)  .

An older guy, probably my age was waiting with a dog on his lap.  To his left and right were a couple of other people one of which I assumed was his wife.

They seemed friendly enough.  When i passed by I said hi and they smiled.

While standing in front of the sliding glass window looking at the clip board  I thought I heard someone say, ‘’It doesn’t look like he’s limping.’’

Naturally i thought the comment pertained to me.

I smiled, knowing that my reply might make them laugh.

“I’m faking it!’’  I said while turning around with a smile on my face.  All four of them stared at me  with blank looks on their faces.

“Whoops,”  i thought, “Have i made an ass out of myself again?”

I immediately realized I had accidentally dropped into adolescent thinking mode.  I automatically  changed gears and when I did I started thinking the situation was funny.

Wull,  at least they stopped their idle chatter for a moment, I thought.  (Maybe they were talking about Donald Trump? But they seemed like fairly happy people.) 

“Jeeze,”  i said,  “I thought you were talking about me.’’  I touched my right knee and gave it a little rub.

The guy holding the dog says, ‘’No, we were talking about the dog.”

continued …

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