I May Be Dumb But I’m Not Stupid!


… continued .. The guy holding the dog says, ‘’No, we were talking about the dog.”

continued …

“Ohhhh,’’ i said with a serious look on my face as i limped past them anxious to get started on my paperwork.

I love filling out paper work especially if I have my favorite pen … the Pilot G2-10 which I forgot but i had my V-7, which is my second most favorite pen.

The exchange was starting to crack me up. My mind kept forcing me to picture the blank stares … or maybe confused looks … on their faces.

I really wanted to do the paper work.  But at the same I felt the tension rising to want to continue the interaction.   When the tension to interact with the world a tipping point is reached and all kinds of things can happen.  Mostly people get confused.

But I love to get people confused!  I figure I’m doing them a favor.  Being confused sets people up for suddenly NOT being confused.

Once they realize they’re not having a stroke or suddenly lapsing into Alzeimers they laugh in relief thinking that I’M the one with Alzheimers!  hahahahah!!  At this point I have to turn and walk away.

So, I tried to refrain from making any stupid comments about the dog, a nicely groomed pomeranian, its ears straight up with a look of yearning on its face.

I really wanted to get started on my … wull … you know .. paperwork.  But, I can NEVER resist petting a dog.

I found out the dog’s name was Emily.  When i asked if i could pet her the guy said, “Surrrre …. .”

Little Emily looked pleased especially when I scratched her chin with three fingers like i was playing flamenco guitar and told her how pretty she was.  Her ears were lying flat and she was making goo-goo eyes at me.

As I turned the man chuckled and said, “She’s a noisy little thing,’’  at which point I almost turned and began choking the dog.  I could just see it’s little tongue curled, suspended between it’s upper and lower teeth it’s eyes all bugged out, both thumbs pressed against its noisy little voice box!

I HATE YAPPY DOGS!  Wull, I didn’t say it out loud!  I might be dumb but, I’m not stupid!  But once again, I had to refrain myself.  I smiled and said, ‘’Awww.’’  I felt a smirking sound come out from my throat.  I hoped it wasn’t too loud.


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