Candle Light Destiny


We cruise at 30,000 feet

half way between

departure and arrival,

the arm rest next to me

fully occupied

its body deep in sleep.

The flight attendant’s eye lash

briefly glowing orange with

morning light streaming

through my porthole window.

Her smile in profile moves away within my mind

as light contrails

behind a moving candle.

My seat too far forward to

rest my head back comfortably,

a metal bar against

a knobby bump

along my spine;

the button to recline is broken.

 Outside a wedge of orange and gray,

fields of fallen snow, rush past

a sea of blue to the far horizon.

Deserts rise to mountain peaks

crowned by cloud formations.

White light from above

streams shadows

across the plains below.

I close my eyes and watch inside

the lash and smile that came to me

through morning light,

the dreams of past life next to me,

clouds and seas and mountain peaks

stretching to the horizon,

a candle’s light that streams behind

the sight of rushing destiny.

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