The Day the Year the Month the Hour the Minute the Second: The Time That I Was Born


That summer hot and sultry mid month mid year mid way past midnight bright lights shining blinding hands grasping fingers smashing through the air i didn’t really care it was not my problem i was their’s for the taking …

i heard the pain that wasn’t mine explode into my space, the air, the rush of light that came before the crack of dawn exposed the ship that i’d been riding on between the worlds where i once lived when i was born.

with great surprise i threw away my aqua lungs, I sucked in air while water flooded, breathing synapses firing new born pistons, 283 horses blowing streams of light in all directions!!

so this is what it’s like to live in  the land of milk and honey … !!!

Came time to leave for home i looked into the sky i’d never seen,  acorns falling through the air,  cool harmonies on the breeze singing memories from where it all began wrapped around light that fueled the seeds of future’s flight;  tightly woven earthly patterns leading everywhere in sight that gave great brilliance and such delight!!

Each night i see the world inside my dreams wrapped inside the morning dew; each morning my life begins anew, never sure of all that i have seen until i return  and do it all again and again and again and again and again and again … until i think … therefore i am …..


Published by midcenturyman

Mid century vintage man/dad, degreed, experienced, musician, music lover, photographer, writer.

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