continued … But, what the hell could I do to help?


When she started bouncing up and down I started to lose control.  I put my head on the desk to try to escape the mayhem.  It didn’t help.   When I started bouncing she started poking  me in the ribs.  She always did that when I least expected it!

While she poked I heard her, ‘’He, he, heing … .” I knew beyond the shadow of a doubt that every person in the room  was looking at us and I KNEW that Austin was probably pissed and soon he’d be getting in my face.  He was such an asshole.

She kept on nudging and nudging me in the ribs.  And I could hear her laughing and I didn’t know what to do and it seemed like I was going to explode when the unthinkable happened.

For some reason she threw her arm out.  It was so unexpected and I was so startled that I flipped off the chair onto the floor!

By  then, the silliness of the situation had completely overwhelmed me.  Laughing so hard I could hardly breathe, the embarrassment of rolling around on the floor in front of everybody was the furthest thing from my mind.  I was completely lost in the moment.

While pitching around down there I fixated on Nancy Tilson’s (the girl who sat in front of us) feet!  She was wearing those white sox girls used to wear,  rolled down around her ankles.  And I can still see that grain of that ancient pine wood floor,  as if I was seeing it through a microscope.  

Rolled down socks, grains of wood, saddle oxford shoes!  It’s amazing what you remember when you’re in a near hysterical state.

continued …  .. The next thing I knew ….