Overheard At the Mall One Day: Harley Davidsons, Pigtails and Broken High Heeled Sh ….

continued … Cool!  I’m an astronaut on the Planet Mall, right?  

The guy picks up the broken shoe, looks up at the Harley guy and says, ‘’Did you say you wanted to try these on?’’  The Harley guy shakes his head.  He walks away smiling.

Obviously a man of few words.  

There’s a nice looking middle aged woman standing by watching. The ‘crocs guy’ is still laughing. He says to the woman, ‘’Do you know anybody with one leg?” She says, ‘’Not now but, maybe later.” They both laugh.  She walks away with a big smile on her face.

She didn’t say she liked my shoes?  

Well, you know this scenario could go on forever. The Harley guy might tell you to go in and have a cup of coffee while he returns the shoes.  Or, the guy wearing the crocs might say, ‘’You look just like a cheerleader I used to know.”

I HATE being typecast as a cheerleader!

For some reason this cracks you up. Your face is all red. The guy seems to have known it’d make you laugh. How in the hell did he know?  He has this sly look on his face, looking straight into your eyes smiling. You feel a kind of attachment. You don’t know what this is about,  but it seems like something strange and wonderful has happened.

Was the Harley guy good looking too. Whoops, I hate those pony tails on grown men.

Suddenly you realize the world is back to normal. People are …..

continued … The End In Sight  (or is it??) oh yeah .. wull, what was this all about anyway … ?? ??

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