Overheard Recently II

The big guy with a Harley t-shirt is standing there wondering what to do. The shoe box is open and the little piece of tissue paper is lying there.

I don’t want something like that to happen to me … 

…. So, here’s what happens next. The guy you bumped into … he’s on all fours scrambling around for your shoes and the tissue paper when suddenly he turns his head and looks straight into your eyes.  He’s studying your face and he’s grinning from ear to ear.  He’s wondering if you think the situation is as funny as he does.

If I’m hip to the situation …

Right!  So, you feel yourself lighten up because he’s got a nice smile and you sense what his feelings are which are that, the situation is totally ridiculous and crazy and really funny!  That’s when you realize  a situation like this has never happened to you before.

So, it’s totally NOT the same shit that happens every day.  I’m out of my trance, right? Tell me more about this guy who likes my eyes. Is he good looking? Is he going to  buy me a cup of coffee at Starbucks for all the …..

…  the guy says, ‘’Wull shit. I just bought a pair of shoes just like these.’’ And before he finishes the sentence, he starts laughing like … almost uncontrollably.  He says, ‘’ .. Oh my god,’’ under his breath so you can barely hear him.  He’s making this keening sound while he struggles to keep himself under control.  He’s fumbling with the shoes trying to get them into the box.  He forgets to put the tissue in the box which makes him laugh even more. He’s in control but barely.  You expect to see him roll over and  lose it completely.

The guy gets a big kick out of himself doesn’t he?

Let’s just say this guy loves it when the ordinary world turns upside down.

Pause …

So what happens next?

continued …

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