Going Out With A Bang: The End … Or Is It?

continued … Before exiting the band room door I looked back at the carnage … 

Ron, the tuba player grimaced while rubbing both knees ,  Bethany was yelling at Bill Acheson her new coronet inches from his face.  Above the din of laughter it sounded like she called him a ‘sock sucker’? Greg laughed hysterically while staring at his bloody handkerchief.  Candy and Marilyn were crying. Tears streamed down Marilyn’s face.  Nancy was still on the floor exposing herself.

I looked at Green, half way to the door where i stood,  crouched low, his arms and fingers extended, his face beet red, that pulsing vein on his forehead sticking out like a finger that had grown below the skin, his jaw pushed forward, the bottom row of his teeth visible.

In a last ditch effort to save face I shouted, “But it wasn’t my fault!’’ But he was beyond reason.

With all my strength I banged the door shut.

When I turned to walk away, the school principal appeared pirouetting away from me.  I realized I hit her with a full body block.

I was prepared for the worst, but she didn’t fall.

She regained her balance by grabbing the edge of a table.  I felt a sense of deja vu.  Not five minutes prior I had grabbed the edge of a table. The only difference? A 250 pound anvil, was not slowly sliding toward the edge threatening to drop onto her foot.

The End … Or was It?

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