Going Out With A Bang: There Were Pink Panties and “Nether Regions”

…  she leaned forward pushing her butt off the chair extending her arm as far as she could … her head seemed to disappear between her knees.  

A white dot appeared before my eyes as Green leaped off the podium.  When it streaked past, not six inches from my left eye, I realized he had thrown his baton at me.

When Nancy’s head emerged from beneath her chair piccolo in hand,  she jerked away from Green’s mad dog face too quickly and fell to the floor.  On the way down, her chair shot from beneath her toward the percussion section.

Lying on her side,  her badly damaged clarinet inches from her face, Nancy held the piccolo high  a triumphant look on her face.

While Green was temporarily stuck between a tympani drum and the glockenspiel I broke for  the door.

On the way I noticed a snare drum lying against the side of another snare drum embedded within a gash on the head of the bass drum.

On the floor in front of the mess sat Nancy her knees raised, struggling to cover her naked thighs and pink panties, her skirt having fallen well past the mid thigh mark.  (My theory is that, when her chair shot from beneath her, it hit the first snare drum causing the chain reaction that slashed bass drum head.)

I couldn’t stand there and gawk but later Greg Spencer the oboe player told me, with a sly look on his face, her pink panties and ”nether regions” (as he put it) were visible for a long time.

continued …


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