Going Out With A Bang!!


A couple of weeks had gone by without any problems between Green  and me.

But then, one ordinary day on the way back to the percussion section I noticed an anvil perched on a flimsy looking table against the back wall.  “What the hell is that for?’’ i asked Ron, the second chair drummer.

He told me we were going to play the anvil when we performed the Anvil Chorus at the annual Easter Concert.

I wondered why Green thought a 250 pound anvil sitting flat on a flimsy table, could possibly vibrate itself into a musical tone.

Then, later … for some strange reason … Green chose me  to play the anvil part which turned out to be maybe, one of the biggest mistakes he’s ever made.

When the anvil part came during rehearsel I slammed the blacksmith hammer  against it with every ounce of strength I had.  I think that for one brief moment I morphed into a real blacksmith!

Naturally there was no vibration therefore no note played therefore instead, a huge booming thud that later my friend told me,  everyone at the other end of the school one floor up in study hall, heard.

Some kid told my friend that, at first he thought there was an earthquake!

continued:  … at that point the dominos started to fall one after another another after …… 

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