Alabaster Dreams

Alabaster Dreams

The moon appeared, round and yellow

bright then dimly lit

behind cloud formations,

drifting slowly north

along the shoreline

with Great Lake’s whisper.


When lights strung high

behind the trees across the road moved

I realized a ship was docked and waiting

for another load of alabaster

taken from the ground up here

somewhere beyond the

northern pinewood forests.


And that ship made bell sounds

and a passing train blew its horn

while cool night air touched the skin

below the cuffs of my t-shirt,

before I walked back into my tree where

I wrote these words upon waking,

drawn from sleep by

alabaster moon’s bright light seen

through ancient pines

standing tall in the northern woods

Great Lake’s whispered songs soft and gentle

within the light of  reflected dreams

once again drawing near.


When sleep crept back upon me

the moon appeared, round and yellow,

bright then dimly lit behind cloud formations,

drifting north along Great Lake’s shoreline

her music wrapped within the sight of moonlight dreams,

sleep already drawing upon me

as I rolled over

and fell

back into

the other


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  1. queenbookworm

    I can see & feel it!


    1. Kurt Struble

      as it can feel and see you ….. ks


  2. Rachel Svendsen

    Beautiful. ❤️


    1. Kurt Struble

      gee thanks! this is only the third time someone has used that word which i find is the most gratifying compliment a person can give or receive. By the way, would you like to try for 3 or 5? just kidding … !

      wull … thanks. you have made ME feel beautiful. … ks

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Kurt Struble

      i stumbled across your one word comment and wanted you to know just how special it was and is, for me.

      it’s been said that you are lucky if you have one or two really good friends in life … how special is it then for someone to tell you that something you created out of your own brain and mind that is the culmination of all the experiences you’ve had in your life up to that point in time … is beautiful.

      being told that something you created is beautiful is rare just as ‘true friends’ are a rare entity.

      so once again … without all the joking … i’d like to say thank you for that rare treasure … ks

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Rachel Svendsen

        You are such a super sweet and genuine person. You are quite welcome.


  3. Kurt Struble

    hey! the beginning of “Going Out With A Bang” just started … ks


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