The Eternal Mystery: 10/01/15


Great Lake pounds the shoreline with fury.

More power than i’ve witnessed before.

Extraordinary the only word

to describe it.


The rushing sound of an infinite number of wavelets

white lines, broken swales far out,

a mile or more that I see

stretching parallel below the horizon line

static electricity, water’s upheaval

crackling along it’s edge.


Waves rise …  6 – 7 – 8 feet tall

begin their descent,

fingers reaching downward

the swale below, drawn up and over

curving downward wide and fat they break

wrapped around air trapped inside the curl.  

Streaks of gray and white and sandy green

lines of colors rolling forward.


Rushing toward the shoreline their power spent

a never ending conversion; glacial boulders reduced in size to rock,

stone, pebble then sand each grain a tiny piece of what was once

a mighty seed within earth’s core.


 With so much majesty and power what exactly IS the Great Lake?

What primal force drives her?

Could she be alive?


 I look with wonder, amazement,

deep affection and awe

at all that she has given me.


 A chance to gaze beyond the shadow of life,

a glimpse at the incomprehensible,

the world and all that it can be

far beyond what we can see.


 She’s here to remind us that

we are but a single grain of sand

one small part of

the eternal

mystery …

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